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Gesundheitspraxis Balance

Evelyne Müller Kyburz, dipl. Augenakupunkteurin und Sehtrainerin

The Human Eye is a Wonder of Nature!

It is responsible for more than 80 per cent of all our sensory impressions. Yet, its work is quite imperceptible.

It is not until the eye fails to exercise its usual functions that we realize how vital it is for our lives.

Did you know that it is possible to improve your vision?

Strengthen your eyesight with:

- Specialized acupuncture for sight problems

- Exercises to reinforce your eyes and improve your vision

- Cromotherapy

Eye Acupuncture

This new acupuncture system is unique. It was developed by the Danish Professor John Boel.

The acupuncture points surround the joints of the body, where reflection spots are situated, being directly related to different parts of the brain.

Healing Process

The insertion of the needles activates the body’s natural healing process. Hormones and other healing substances (as for example Endorphin) are activated and over the blood circulation, they concentrate at the disturbed place.

If a blood analysis is made before and after an acupuncture treatment, it is possible to prove the occurrence of over 200 different chemical processes in the human body.

With the eye acupuncture of Professor John Boel, eye diseases may be treated, such as:

- Macular degeneration

- Glaucoma

- Retinal diseases due to diabetes

- Presbyopia

- Visual disorders after accidents and/or operations

- Retinitis pigmentosa (RP)

- Myopia at children younger than 20 years old

The Treatment

At first an appointment for clarifications at the health practice “Balance” should be arranged.

The clarification process includes a complete anamnesis of the patient, sight tests and explanations about the eye acupuncture treatment as well as for all concomitant therapies that may be necessary.

The aim is an exact registration of the patient’s eye and health state before starting a treatment.

The eye acupuncture method is for all sight diseases the same. There is no handling directly at the eye. The acupuncture points lie on different parts of the body such as on the forehead, on the feet and on the hands.

At the first week you will be acupunctured five following days, being eventually treated twice daily with an interval of at least one hour. After this first phase, you are undertaken by sight tests again, which shall define if one more week of treatment is necessary. If not, you will be acupunctured just two times a week in order to stabilize the healing results.

After the end of the treatment you should be acupunctured periodically every month, eventually every following month. This should certify the improvement of the healing process.

The Results

For many of the patients an immediate reaction is perceptive, for others it may take a longer time. Only about 10 per cent of all diseases do not react to acupuncture treatments.

The success rate lies between 50 and 90 per cent. In most of the cases the eyesight is substantially increased. By degenerative diseases where the deterioration seems to be unstoppable, the stabilisation of the patient’s condition is a great and constant achievement.

The best results perspectives are when the treatment is started as soon as possible.

There is quite no sight problem that cannot be treated by eye acupuncture.

Sight diseases may not be completely cured, but they can be considerably alleviated. Many ever worsening prognostics are perceptibly decelerated. Most of the time is the existing eyesight not only preserved but also strengthened.

Eye and Sight Training

Eye and sight training are integral methods to relax and vitalize our eyes and vision.

It helps patients with defective vision to improve their eyesight.

It is essential as health prevention to maintain the normal eyesight.

You will learn easy exercises for the eyes and your body, which should be integrated to your daily health routine.

This way you stimulate vivid and active eyesight.

For whom is the Eye and Sight Training suitable?

For all those who care for the importance of the maintenance and capacity of our eyes!

It aids to relax your eyes and prevents of having future sight problems.

For people who suffer already of sight problems, it may be a great start to improve your vision and be more independent of glasses or contact lenses.

For your eye’s sake!

The Cromotherapy

The cromotherapy is the soft, painless and with no side effects therapy that uses light, instead of needles, for the acupuncture. Based on the millenary knowledge of Chinese medicine, skin sections and acupuncture points are irradiated with coloured lights. The different wave oscillations of the light harmonize and control the energy flow of the body. Unbalanced energy, which may react as diseases or disorders in body, soul and spirit, may be balanced by this therapy.

This therapy has a positive effect over:

- Eye problems

- Allergies

- Gastro-intestinal discomforts

- Migraine

- Body aches

- Sleeping problems and phobias

- Focusing and school problems at children

The cromotherapy can be used as a treatment for nearly all diseases and partially in combination with other integral methods of treatment.